"ARI MODEL: Our Promotional Model for 'ANNABELLA', an Outstanding Project in Vienna"

At ARI MODEL, we had the pleasure of creating a special promotional model for the company AIRA in the Austrian capital, Vienna. The project named "ANNABELLA" ranks among the most prestigious and remarkable projects in Vienna, and we've depicted it in miniature form at a scale of 1:50.

Crafting the model required a meticulous and detailed process over a period of approximately 30 days. By faithfully reproducing all the architectural features and details of the ANNABELLA project, this model has become a valuable visual tool for investors and potential clients.

At ARI MODEL, our aim is to provide a realistic perspective of how the project will look in reality, using high-quality materials and precision work. Our ANNABELLA model highlights the sophisticated design and innovative features of the project while also reflecting the unique beauty of Vienna.

Such a model can make a valuable contribution to the marketing and promotional processes of the project. By tangibly showing potential clients and investors what the project will look like, it helps them make more informed and reliable decisions.

At ARI MODEL, we take pride in creating models for prestigious projects like ANNABELLA, and we work diligently to ensure that this collaboration is successful and effective for all parties involved.

Année : 2023
Société : AIRA
Nom du projet : ANNABELLA

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