Bosch Laser Distance Measurer

Bosch Laser Distance Measurer: The Intersection of Art and Technology Thanks to ARI MODEL

ARI MODEL has created a true work of art with the Bosch Laser Distance Measurer. They went above and beyond to produce enlarged prototypes of this valuable Bosch product. These impressive 77 models were meticulously crafted as exact replicas of the original.

3D printers played a key role in this process, modeling every detail of the device to achieve a highly realistic result. Special industrial paints used in the production process provided the models with the smooth surface and refined appearance of the original.

These models are not just visually striking, they are also functional. Each part was designed to be disassembled, offering users insight into the internal structure and workings of the device in all its intricacies. This experience adds value not only in terms of technical knowledge but also for educational purposes.

Displayed in Bosch stores across Europe, these models are not only captivating but also enlightening. They offer visitors the chance to understand the complexity and excellence of the Laser Distance Measurer.

ARI MODEL's talent and passion are evident in every detail of these models. This project showcases an impressive fusion of technology and art. If you want to see and experience these wonderful creations, simply visit the nearest Bosch store.

Don't miss out on this unique project that combines technology and art to create a sensory experience with ARI MODEL. Discover how the Bosch Laser Distance Measurer is not just a functional tool, but also a part of engineering artistry.

Année : 2023
Société : BOSCH
Nom du projet : Bosch Laser Distance Measurer

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