Competition Models

The Perfect Representation of a Site in a Model: A Masterful Collaboration with ARI MODEL in Leipzig

In the historically and culturally rich city of Leipzig, Germany, our valued client ARI MODEL has commissioned an impressive model project to be realized, intended for presentation to the local community. This project takes place on an outstanding site with distinct topographic features.

The presentation model, created in a 1:200 scale, was meticulously prepared with attention to detail. The unique structure of the site was skillfully replicated on the model, making the client's property stand out and distinct from the terrain.

An important note is that the model also includes structures representing the buildings to be constructed on the site in the future. These structures reflect the project's future vision and offer an appealing perspective for potential investors.

At ARI MODEL, we strive to create high-quality models that meet and exceed our clients' expectations. In this Leipzig project, every element of the model was carefully prepared, ensuring a high degree of accuracy and realism for the project's success.

This model is more than just a replica; it is an artwork that tangibly portrays our client's visions and dreams. At ARI MODEL, we continue to prioritize the highest quality in model-making to ensure the success of your project.

Année : 2022
Société : LEIPZIG
Nom du projet : Competition Models

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