Dahme 5

The DAHME 5 project in Berlin, Germany, is located in the heart of the city's greenest oasis. The maquette of this project has been crafted from wood and accented with white elements to give it a gentle appearance.

The wooden maquette of the DAHME 5 project has been meticulously designed to realistically showcase the design and architectural details. The wood material imparts a natural and warm touch to the project, while the white and soft colors accentuate its modern and elegant appearance.

Our maquette has been created using the latest technologies and with great precision. Every detail has been carefully crafted to perfectly reflect the architectural features of the project.

The wooden maquette of the DAHME 5 project aims to capture the attention of potential customers to its unique features. The creative design and quality execution aim to visually convey the value and potential of the project.

This wooden maquette is an ideal tool to highlight the exceptional location of the DAHME 5 project in the heart of nature and its environmentally friendly attributes. As ARI MODEL, we strive to offer our clients customized and high-quality services, and we are delighted to support the success of this project.

Année : 2022
Société : BERLINER
Nom du projet : Dahme 5

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