Eberbach Abbey

We have created a competition model for the construction of an accommodation building at the Eberbach Abbey. This model showcases 17 different plots that have been integrated into the competition for participating architects. The architects have prepared their presentations to take part in the competition.

The model we have crafted has generated significant interest in the construction project of the accommodation building at Eberbach Abbey. It has ingeniously combined 17 different plots and presented them to the participating architects.

This model has become a crucial visual aid for the participating architects. Each architect was able to showcase their creative ideas for the location of the building within Eberbach Abbey using this model.

The model is meticulously detailed, providing a realistic depiction that highlights the project's potential and architectural specifics. It's designed to scale, capable of offering architects the best possible means to present their projects.

The competition model for the Eberbach Abbey accommodation building fosters competition among architects and offers an inspiring visual representation. It's utilized as a tool to realize their architectural vision and emphasize the project's potential.

This model reflects our commitment to architectural excellence, with carefully crafted details and precise scale to accentuate the project's integrity and aesthetics.

The competition model for the Eberbach Abbey accommodation building underscores the project's significance and creates an environment of creativity that inspires participants. It serves as a valuable tool for architects to present their projects optimally and convey their ideas visually.

Année : 2020
Nom du projet : Eberbach Abbey

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