ARI MODEL presents: The Model of the EUROPEN Glass Factory in 1:200 Scale

The model of the EUROPEN Glass Factory, brought to life by ARI MODEL, stands as an impressive masterpiece of engineering in miniature form. With dimensions of 330 cm by 160 cm, this 1:200 scale replica offers a meticulous representation of the entire factory.

Executed with exceptional attention to detail, this comprehensive replica provides a precise insight into the operational processes of the factory. From the glass production machinery to the various units within the facility, each element has been remarkably recreated with precision.

Thanks to this replica, visitors can gain a comprehensive overview of the factory and develop a better understanding of the workings of a modern glass production facility. Furthermore, it has served as a valuable tool for the planning and optimization of factory processes.

Building a replica of this magnitude in just 30 days is an accomplishment that ARI MODEL takes great pride in. It stands as a result of the expertise, experience, and dedication of our team of highly skilled professionals.

At ARI MODEL, we recognize the significance of presenting projects with accuracy and intricate detail. Therefore, we consistently strive to deliver replicas of the highest quality that meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

Through the EUROPEN Glass Factory replica, we have once again demonstrated our ability to transform a vision into a tangible reality, allowing everyone to witness and comprehend the intricate inner workings of this modern factory.

Année : 2022
Société : EUROPEN
Nom du projet : EUROPEN
Lieu :

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