Ikon 16

The 1:100 Scale Architectural Model of the Exciting Project in Burgas, Bulgaria: ARI MODEL Brings It to Life!

We are excited to share with you a captivating project located in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria. As ARI MODEL, we had the privilege to create the 1:100 scale architectural model of this project.

Burgas, an evolving tourist city, has witnessed the emergence of numerous captivating projects in recent years. One such project, developed by our client, has generated significant enthusiasm. Recognizing the importance of a compelling visual presentation for marketing and promoting the project, our client entrusted ARI MODEL with the task of creating the 1:100 scale architectural model of the project.

At ARI MODEL, utilizing our expert team and experience, we meticulously crafted a detailed model that reflects the entirety of the project's architectural features and complete design. We carefully designed the project's site, buildings, green spaces, and other elements. The details of the model were placed meticulously to provide visitors with a comprehensive sense of the project's actual dimensions and its surroundings.

The finished model was presented in a specially designed exhibition space within our client's premises. This exhibition space provides potential buyers and investors an excellent opportunity to explore and visually experience the project. Visitors can walk around the model, examine the architectural details of the project, see different types of accommodations, and grasp the project's benefits.

At ARI MODEL, we understand that this model serves not only as a visual presentation tool but also contributes to the sales process. The model aids in effectively communicating the project's advantages to potential buyers and facilitating their decision-making. Clients can better understand project details, closely inspect architectural features, and experience the visual allure of the project's attractive aspects.

We take pride in having realized the 1:100 scale architectural model for this exciting project in Burgas, Bulgaria. Through our support for our client and this project, we contribute to its successful marketing and promotion.

Année : 2019
Société : TETRA
Nom du projet : Ikon 16
Lieu : Bulgaria

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