La Vie Abidjan

"Life in Abidjan: How a Precise Model by ARI MODEL Illuminated an Outstanding Real Estate Project in Ivory Coast"

The La Vie Abidjan project in Ivory Coast stands as one of the most remarkable real estate developments in the region. Designed by Inci Construction, this stunning project impresses with its modern architectural design and high-quality construction.

ARI MODEL played a pivotal role in showcasing this project. The 1:50 scale promotional model was entrusted to ARI MODEL by Inci Construction. With their team of experts and advanced technologies, ARI MODEL successfully completed this model in just 30 days.

The model, with its unique details and superior craftsmanship, reflects the La Vie Abidjan project in all its facets, providing investors and visitors a clear understanding of how the project will come to life.

After being exhibited at key real estate fairs in Ivory Coast, the model found its place at the headquarters of Inci Construction. Here, investors and potential clients had the opportunity to closely examine the project. The model aided in visualizing the features and benefits of the project, assisting investors in making well-informed decisions.

ARI MODEL is a leading provider of models for such prestigious projects, offering its clients the highest standard of service. The La Vie Abidjan model stands as evidence of ARI MODEL's dedicated work and commitment to quality.

Année : 2020
Nom du projet : La Vie Abidjan
Lieu : Ivory Coast

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