Launch and Technology Center

The Launch and Technology Center project is part of the MERCK company and is being realized as a 1:200 scale office building model. The construction of this ambitious project took 15 days.

Architectural models play a crucial role in the business world as they provide a precise understanding and detailed analysis of building designs and their functionality. They also serve as exceptional presentation and marketing tools for projects.

Our realization for MERCK, the Launch and Technology Center, is a accurately scaled model of an office building at 1:200 scale, detailing every aspect of the project. This model offers potential investors, clients, and other stakeholders a clear and precise representation of the actual dimensions, design, and features of the project.

After a swift and efficient production process that took 15 days, we put forth all our efforts and attention to detail to complete the project and deliver it to our customer on schedule. Meeting agreed-upon deadlines is a testament to the discipline, expertise, and experience we have acquired at ARI MODELLBAU over the years.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the details of your project and your expectations. Learn how we can create a high-quality and detailed model for you. At ARI MODELLBAU, we know how to bring your projects to life.

Année : 2021
Société : MERCK
Nom du projet : Launch and Technology Center

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