Living Park Aschheim

ARI MODEL: A Breathtaking Model for the Monvest Living Park Aschheim Project

The esteemed Monvest Munich Living Park Aschheim project was brought to life in an impressive manner thanks to the expertise of the model-making specialists at ARI MODEL. This elegant 1:200 scale model was meticulously crafted with high precision and quality materials, completed within just 25 days.

At ARI MODEL, special attention was given to portraying the modern architecture and sustainable living spaces of this project. Every detail was carefully addressed to reflect the project's unique features and provide potential buyers in Munich with an appealing visual experience.

The model takes a central place in the Monvest sales office in Munich. During the opening event, the model managed to capture the attention of visitors and potential investors, presenting the remarkable aspects of the project interactively.

Upon completion, the model was handed over to Monvest, contributing to the success of one of their renowned projects.

ARI MODEL continues to be a leader in the industry through outstanding expertise, swift execution, and a commitment to customer satisfaction in such specialized projects. The Monvest Munich Living Park Aschheim project serves as another example highlighting the quality and professionalism of ARI MODEL.

Année : 2023
Société : MONVEST
Nom du projet : Living Park Aschheim

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