Model for Presenting the City

ARI MODEL is a company specialized in creating models and maquettes. With a history of many impressive projects, the company has recently showcased its expertise by crafting a city model. This project, inspired by detailed images and executed at a 1:100 scale, impressively captures the natural and architectural features of the city.

The skilled craftsmen and engineers at ARI MODEL meticulously worked to make the model as realistic and impressive as possible. Throughout this process, distinctive buildings, parks, streets, and other city elements were recreated in miniature.

Premium materials and modern production methods were employed in the production. The model, which required two months of intensive work, presents precise details that highlight the city's natural and cultural richness.

The "City Presentation Maquette" by ARI MODEL is an ideal tool to emphasize the character and charm of the city. It can be a valuable resource for communities, tourism offices, schools, and other organizations.

Through the careful and creative execution of this project, ARI MODEL once again proves its expertise and quality in the industry. Such projects are excellent examples that showcase ARI MODEL's talent and creativity while reflecting the history and culture of the city.

Année : 2019
Société : RD Publicité
Nom du projet : Model for Presenting the City
Lieu : Kazakhstan

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