The ALITUS NOVA project was showcased at the Expo Real Fair in Munich in 2022 with a 1:50 scale model that we created for our clients.

The ALITUS NOVA project is designed to offer modern and high-quality residential space. It received a highly positive reception at the Expo Real Fair in Munich in 2022.

The 1:50 scale model was utilized to impressively present the project's details and features to our clients. The model faithfully represents the architectural design, interior design, and overall layout of the project.

This model played a pivotal role by enabling visitors to visualize the aesthetics, functionality, and comfort of the ALITUS NOVA project. Through exploring the model, clients could discover the different areas of the project and better understand its intricacies.

The ALITUS NOVA project is conceived as an innovative structure meeting the demands of modern living. It boasts numerous features to cater to users' needs and provide optimal living comfort. The model emphasizes these characteristics to showcase the project's value to potential clients.

The model presented at the Expo Real Fair generated significant interest among visitors and bolstered the project's attractiveness. The innovative approach, aesthetic value, and project location captured the attention of fairgoers and attracted potential investors.

The ALITUS NOVA project aims to offer its clients a modern living experience. The 1:50 scale model showcased at the Expo Real Fair highlighted the project's value and potential, thus delivering an impressive presentation to clients.

Année : 2022
Société : ALITUS
Nom du projet : Nova

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