Rhein Village

"A project for the student accommodation of Geisenheim University, located near EBS University in Oestrich-Winkel, has been successfully completed. We have created a 1:200 scale model of this project and delivered it to the Cube office in Leverkusen.

This model faithfully represents the student housing project and offers a realistic insight into the surroundings. Every detail has been carefully crafted to reflect the architecture and atmosphere of the university campus.

The model serves as a valuable tool for presentations and discussions at the Cube office in Leverkusen. It allows stakeholders and clients to fully appreciate the concept and features of the student housing project.

We take pride in our expertise in creating models and have strived to produce a high-quality model that highlights the key elements of the project. We hope that this model contributes to the promotion and support of the development of student accommodations at Geisenheim University.

The model we delivered to the Cube office in Leverkusen will be a powerful tool to illustrate the potential and architectural design of the project, creating a strong visual impression."

Année : 2020
Société : CUBE
Nom du projet : Rhein Village

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