Ruby 923

We collaborated with 'Cube Real Estate' to bring a unique architectural vision to life, and we succeeded. We would like to tell you about this wonderful project that we named 'Ruby 923'.

Ruby 923 was designed to the highest standards of modern architecture and executed with the exceptional quality of Cube Real Estate. Every detail of the project was meticulously thought out and designed to continuously captivate its visitors and residents.

Taking a step further, we created an architectural maquette with automated lighting for Ruby 923. This tool reflects the aesthetic charm and complexity of Ruby 923 in its entirety. The maquette effectively and comprehensibly showcases the project's features, rich design details, and high-quality craftsmanship.

The automated lighting was specially designed to highlight the project's remarkable features. It demonstrates how the building looks under different lighting conditions throughout the day. This allows potential customers and visitors to see how Ruby 923 transforms at every hour, providing aesthetic delight at any time.

The architectural maquette of Ruby 923 offers a clear sense of how the space feels. This provides clients, investors, and all interested parties the opportunity to see what the project means for them and their community.

Année : 2021
Société : CUBE
Nom du projet : Ruby 923

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