TULU Porcelain

A Miniature Masterpiece: The TULU Porcelain Factory Model

The meticulously crafted 1:200 scale model of the TULU Porcelain Factory is a true embodiment of aesthetics and functionality in every detail. After 35 days of meticulous crafting, this model stands as a scaled-down version of reality, presenting every aspect of the factory with flawless precision.

Manufactured using advanced machinery, the model accentuates every detail with remarkable clarity. The special presentation event for the model took place on the factory premises, leaving attendees captivated by the intricate structure and top-tier quality of the model.

This TULU Porcelain Factory model vividly illustrates the company's production processes, quality standards, and aesthetic values in tangible form. It offers visitors and porcelain enthusiasts the opportunity to appreciate the structural robustness and unique design of the factory.

This model seamlessly combines both aesthetic and functional richness while staying true to reality, impressing with every intricate detail. The TULU Porcelain Factory model is a miniature masterpiece that deserves all attention it receives.

Année : 2022
Société : TULU
Nom du projet : TULU Porcelain
Lieu : Turkey

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