Urban Planning Model 2

This urban planning model is a special project specifically developed for the Eskisehir municipality in Turkey. Its purpose is to provide detailed information and a visual representation of urban development and planning.

The 1:1000 scale urban planning model presents in detail the current state and future projects of Eskisehir. It encompasses buildings, infrastructure, green spaces, transportation networks, and other vital elements of the city.

This specific model highlights the urban projects of the Eskisehir municipality. It underscores the city's growth potential, construction initiatives, transportation systems, and other important details.

The urban planning model enables city administrations, investors, and other interested parties to better grasp the project's vision and potential. The visual presentations on the model can be used to understand the project's impacts and development strategies more effectively.

This particular model was created as part of an urban planning project in Eskisehir. As ARI MODEL, we are pleased to contribute to the promotion of urban planning projects by offering tailor-made and high-quality models.

Année : 2019
Société : Metropolitan Municipality
Nom du projet : Urban Planning Model 2
Lieu : Turkey

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