Wooden models are highly popular in the field of model building. Wood is the most commonly used material for constructing models, alongside resin, acrylic, and wood-based materials like cardboard.

Wood is a sturdy material that imparts a warm ambiance to your creation. Some types of wood are frequently used for architectural models. Lime wood is employed for constructing frames and roofs of buildings. Balsa wood, known for its beautiful texture, is another type of wood often favored by model builders.

There are only a few types of wood that are easy to cut and engrave, and these are preferred by model builders for constructing their models. A more expensive option would be a model made from acacia or mahogany wood for their style. However, this may bring challenges in manual crafting.

Other Uses of Wooden Models

Wooden models are preferred by architects, real estate developers, and even parents who prioritize their children's health. Wooden models are popular DIY hobbies that captivate enthusiasts with their natural attributes. Similarly, in RC model building, wooden models are used to realize the structure of a model car or boat.

A more serious application of wood includes prototype, business, and advertising models. These wooden models can be more demanding in terms of scale and examination process. Sawing, screwing, sanding, and cutting wooden panels or blocks require skill.

Wood provides the model with a natural color and texture palette that inspires viewers and encourages them to imagine what it would be like to live in the real estate or own the reproduced product. In this sense, a wooden model becomes a sales tool.